32 random facts about me!!

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I recently turned 32, I’d love to say I took some me time, relaxed went out to dinner, went shopping. Nope, to be fair I don’t celebrate birthdays its just another day in my diary! Maybe it’s because I grew up a Christmas baby and we all now how much fun that is! But I thought I would sit down and think of 32 random facts about me. Considering I’m fairly new at the ‘ol Blogging, I figure nobody knows that much about me….

  1. When I was 18mnths, I blatantly ignored my Mothers requests to stay off the freshly mopped kitchen floor. I preceded to slip, do the splits & break my pelvis, both my hips and two legs! This is my earliest childhood memory, traveling in the back seat of my dads car, with purple blanket (God is in the detail)  And the distinct sound of the saw when taking off the cast weeks/months later.
  2. The first song I learnt off by heart, was Eternal Flame by The Bangles. I was 2 & half years old.
  3. At nine I was politely asked to leave my Primary School because after months of bullying, I followed the girl to the bathroom, pinned her to the wall & threatened her. Not my finest moment but teachers and principles had done nothing. And I’d do it again if I had too.
  4. That Summer, I climbed a tree house in our estate my friend pulled on part of it, causing it to collapse. I fell 12ft hitting the ground and breaking my right ankle, missed starting new school by 8 weeks.
  5. Growing up I was proper tom boy, played centre back in hurling. Spent my Summers making & racing go karts & climbing tree’s.
  6. I got my first tattoo at 14, my mum came with me, she nearly fainted so was asked to leave. And 14 tattoo’s later I still don’t regret a single one.
  7. My parents/family have never seen me drunk.
  8. I hate piercings. The freak me out particularly belly buttons & piercings EUGH!!!
  9. At 18/19 I was out with work colleagues and my drink was spiked. I blacked out for 11hrs & still to this day have no idea where I was. Hence why I rarely drink anymore.
  10. I have had 3 boyfriends including the husband. I’m a sucker for long term relationships
  11. I am allergic to butterbeans, I have very distinct memory of having them and needing to be hospitalised. Butterbeans are evil.
  12. I walked out of my Leaving Cert Math exam… I figured I didn’t need Maths where I was going.
  13. I always wanted to be Solicitor growing up. So not sitting my Maths exam kinda put halt to that!
  14. I stumbled in to Journalism & Radio Broadcasting, to be fair my Dad did it aswell. . My best friend went to one radio station & I to the other doing the exact same job…twas fate!
  15. I always looked forward to being a mom, even as teenager I couldn’t wait to do all the Arts & Crafts stuff… I craved a relationship with my kids that I never had with my mom!
  16. I suffered a twin miscarriage in my early twenties.
  17. I always loved being creative, even as a kid I used to write stories & plays. I was a little nuts about specific writing papers and pens!
  18. Somebody very close to me as suffered with addiction and is currently  9 years sober.
  19. I never wanted to travel the world, I always believed I have a great imagination so any page in any book, could take me where I wanted to go!
  20. Beatles are my all time favourite band. They bring so many memories back from being a kid in the 80’s.One of my favourite childhood memories is coming in from Mass on a Sunday to listen to my dad’s LP’s with him. Learning the art of appreciation of finer things in life.
  21. The first movie I went to the Cinema was the Indian In The Cupboard
  22. The beach is my happy place, it was the first thing I did when I learnt to drive. To get my ass to the beach @ 3am to sit and listen.
  23. I tried being a vegetarian when I was a teenager, not because of the animal rights…but I just loved veggies!
  24. I bust up my left knee beyond repair when I was 15yrs old on a 10ft ramp @ The Arcadia in a skating competition.
  25. Two years later I dropped my boyfriends bike under a gravel truck destroying my right knee beyond repair, & burning all my elbow and shoulder….. Also never telling me parents that stays between you & me.
  26. After years of struggling to get my diet under control, I was diagnosed with Ulcers & Oesophageal Colitis in March 2014.
  27. My first job was in John Graces, then Irish Rail Restaurant.
  28. I learned to ride a motor bike before I learned to drive.
  29. I didn’t know I was in labour until I was 8cm, husband made it hospital by skin of his teeth!
  30. I struggled with BF Bee for weeks because Bear was so young 15mnth I felt I couldn’t bond with Bee. I still live with the guilt every day it pulls on my heart strings.
  31. Why I started Youtube, I had been approached 2yrs ago to do RTE2 documentary revolving around Vlogging. It planted a seed. I love showing Cork & Ireland through the eyes of an Irish Family.
  32. Why I started Blogging, because I love being creative and making people smile, hopefully I can do that through this.

Anywho thank you so much for reading. I shall catch you same bat time, same bat place next week! What I the one thing people would be most surprised to know about you!  Don’t forget sharing is caring!

Love yer bones



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