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Hello gorgeous people of the tube land and interweb how are we now…. tis been a mental week with the kids on Easter Break but normality has resumed so I can be normal functioning mom again. I was gutted for the girls going back to school when the weather had been so shite the whole time they were off! But whilst I was off entertaining them and resisting cabin fever I did these one evening the kids fecking loved them. So to make our Crackin’ Burgers served with Sweet Potatoe Fries have a look…….

Ingredients for 6 burgers
Prep Time; 30mins
Cooking Time; 30mins

1.5lbs on mince beef
200g of smashed
2tbls spoon of Ketchup
200g grated cheese
2 eggs
We used baps instead of Johnston, Mooney & O’ Brien Baps, the kids never have white bread so this alone was a treat!

Onion, salt and little pepper *optional

So I took the meat out about 30mins before hand to let sit at room temperature. Whilst the meat was warming up, turn the oven to gas mark 4 or 180 degrees. I threw the crackers in a sandwich/roasting bag then give the Mini Shuiligans & let them go to town on smashing up the crackers (very important job) Somebody once said small hands make light work, they do make a mess but its fun. Then dice up the onion if you want & add to mix. Add the mince, cheese and crackers into bowl, then get your lámhs in there all squelchy mix them up. Before you add in the ketchup and eggs that’s when things start to feel AWESOME, this is were the Mini Shuiligans get involved again nothing quite like freaking them out with the texture and sounds.

cracking burger 2

Once everything is all good and proper mixed together I put the bowl in fridge for minimum 30mins to help the burgers not fall apart in cooking. Make little patties of about 2inchs each then you should get about six burgers. Seal the burgers on medium heat for 2mins a side. Place all the burgers on baking grill tray & bang into the oven for 30mins. We also had the New McCain Sweet Potatoe fries I put them into the oven @ same time as the burgers. Boom thirty mins later twas all kinds of yumminess. We had pickles, with Edam Cheese & Philly, Salsa & ketchup. The fries are amazing but expensive 500g for around €4 but they are ok to have once a month as treat this was first time the Mini Shuiligans had frozen fries so its not the end of the world.

Cracking burger 1


Right lads that’s me for this week I have another Blog Post coming tomorrow had an amazing dinner with the husband at Pepperstack Bistro in Aghada last week so prepare for all kinds of yumminess! Don’t forget to head over to The Shuiligans and check out our vlogs this week, the car drama is my particular favourite!


Catch you tomorrow same bat time, same bat place


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