Wish 2015

First it was Believe in 2013 with the ever popular & super creative Peter Kelly (aka Franc Wedding Planner extraordinaire) Then Olivia Buckley Events (formally Rose of Tralee) took the helm with Imagine 2014 & Fota Island Resort had asked her to return with her creative team for 2015. For those who visited Imagine you would have got a glimpse of Olivia’s imagination. Where she sought inspiration with that in mind I thought I knew what to expect for Wish @ Fota Island Resort , hands up clearly I was wrong.



So off we went on our merry way @ the ungodly hour of half nine on Wintery Sunday morning the mini hooligans only finding out about our adventure an hour earlier. We were up, dressed & functioning that was as good as it was going to get. The long winding woodland road into Fota Island certainly added to the excitement of the mini hooligans in the back seat. Once the formalities were over and done with, tickets, train tickets, photo tickets and maps in hand off we went……

Entering through an open book called Wish, where Santa requested the help of the mini hooligans through Candy Cane Lane & into the enchanted forest. First stop was Alpine Lodge, to ensure we made the good list (parents included) then gold star in hand off we went for a wander through the Forest of Dreams. As we come up close and personal to some enchanted tree’s Woody & Willow, a fairy village tucked safely into the tree’s. Then to Queen Stargazer & Princess SplinderElla who were adorned with the most beautiful of dresses and capes the mini hooligans were in awe as they stood there gazing up for chats.



Then in the blink of an eye & quite unexpectedly the mini hooligans were taken in hand by Santa’s right hand elf skipping through the woodland path to the big man himself. Having been given the task to make as much noise as possible to wake him up we were in. The cabin similar to previous years, was walled with a library of books as Santa sat in the most exquisite of chairs with an ipad none the less as the Good List has gone high tech these days. Then Santa had the pleasure of Bee reciting her As Gaeilge School Christmas Song we didn’t feel hurried and Santa did spent time chatting to them at length which was lovely. Cheeeeesse for the cringe worthy photo. Then all aboard the Wish Express with an ever so quirky elf tasked with keeping the entire train in good sprits singing Christmas tunes. As we disembarked the Wish Express at Wibble Nation immediately the smell of ‘Christmas’ and chocolate filled the air.




We were met by Mr Wibble at some shinny golden gates, who asked the children sign a declaration ensuring all secrets would be kept, we made wishes in wish jars, we made fools of ourselves in the maze of mirrors then were guided down the path past the toadstools garden & chocolate waterfall. It was here you really got an idea of what picture Roald Dahl was painting all those moons ago. The Wibbles were an intriguing bunch all speaking with a slight American twang as instructed I imagine all except one who was the mad scientist hard at work careful not to over sparkle/glitter something.

Then the Wibble Nation opened up into Elf TV with some extra comfy grass benches the mini hooligans sat quietly as they listened to the Elfs school a Wibble on our Christmas traditions all with some audience participation you see. Then moments later we were escorted down a corridor that was walled with special shoots showing all the wishes being transported to the North Pole. Onwards to Mrs Clause lounge where this year she has changed location thankfully she has been given couches & had a massive fire place especially for glitter she then had the children all sit down for a chat. As you glance around the room you see Santa’s reading chair, his cap and glasses & Mrs C knitting needles all for cosy and warm atmosphere attention to detail is fantastic. Chocolate buttons were dispensed instead of hot chocolate all over the lovely ‘Sunday Best’ attire & the scooting through some massive red drapes it was a sneaky peek inside the Elfs very tidy bedroom! One more stop for the obligatory Santa’s Sleigh photo & we were done in just under 60mins off to the Clubhouse for some Hot Chocolate extra marshmallows please.

If I was to note anything from the experience was that we didn’t know when the experience was finished, maybe a huge book similar to the start of the journey noting the simple ‘The End’ Only 362 sleeps til it all kicks off again :-)

Thank you for reading, catch you next week same bat time same bat place. Make sure you head over to The Shuiligans to watch the vlog


Love yer bones
Momma Shuiligan


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