About The Shuiligans


Hello Gorgeous People.....

Welcome to our little family The Shuiligans. We are O' Suilleabhains so, we  pronounce it The Hooligans. Quick intro we are an Irish family of two adults & two mini Shuiligans who have our own Youtube Channel The Shuiligans sure go over for a sneaky peek. I'm Sonja, somewhere in my early thirties, ex Radio & Marketing, with a flare for the 'ol creative. There's Naoise lead male/daddy & devoted/loyal LFC supporter. Seárlait our nearly five year old who loves the beach whether its sunny or raining but 90% of the time its going to be raining lets be honest. She loves climbing tree's in her bare feet and drawing generally all over my diaries and note books.



Then there's the boss, Farrah-Beth the Queen Bee as she's 'affectionately' known. Sis three and a half, loves dresses, like every day has to be a  dresss. Loves singing and reading so the house echo's with her little voice 24/7. But one thing both our girls agree on, when they stop to take a breath in between pulling and screaming at each other is they love their sleeps. Generally on a good day they won't wake until after ten clock thank the baby Jesus. We started vlogging eight months ago for Youtube so our daily adventures tend to be outside making a mess even in the rain (it rains a lot here have you heard) and the 'fun' that comes with having two strong willed/stubborn little red headed people. We can guarantee some giggles along the way.....


If you have read down this far, no harm in reminding you to head over our The Shuiligans Youtube Channel. We upload every day @ 5: 30 GMT I post here every Monday 12 bells! Catch you next week same bat time, same bat place xx




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