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Firstly lámh suas, *looks behind & around me*  its my fault! Lads look it, lads I’m only couple weeks in to this whole new adventure and boom!!! Christmas & sickness and blah, blah I apologise. But I’m pumped full of antibiotics and steroids (all kinds of awesome) & three days later I have this weeks post, but its a good one so be gentle. Its my first ‘first impressions’ with Benefit Life Of The Party… I say this like I know what I am talking about. One of the bestest things about family coming home from the States is ‘new toys’ or shiny new make up! Things like Benefit which I always buy for other people but tis far too shiny and pretty to buy for myself. This retails for $36 in Macys but the closest I found here was in Benefit Debenhams for €35


Life Of The Party retails for $36 in Macys so said the shinny sticker! To me, Benefit packaging always feels so 1920’s with a twist of punk to it, feck it I’d buy it even if they had Jellybeans in the packaging. The kit comes in the retro style/tin case with neon blues & pinks with swirls of peach with a slight Red Cross Provisions/Parcel from WW1 feel…but in a nice way. What does one need to be ‘Life Of The Party’, loads of things I’ve never tried before! Thank the baby jesus for instructions (or destructions as Bee calls them)


Three beauty products, three very taupe eye shadows & two little blushers IMG_3963dudes with a little brush & eye shadow applicator. It has The Pore Professional, now I’ve had pore minimisers from other high end brands but I wasn’t expecting this to be almost like a tinted moisturiser in shade, but the consistency of pore minimiser, I’m in love and its only day 2/3 of using it!  I find it blends really smoothly with my Double Wear and definitely helps the Double Wear last that bit longer.  The three eye shadows, Call My Buff, Nude Swings (my fav) & Taupe It Off are a bit mute for my liking, yes I could be that mature and responsible ‘mom’ with lovely natural creams and browns! But I’m far to attached to my greens and purples! These don’t swatch very well, but they are very festive, very ‘we’ll just go to town for the one’. There’s a hint of sparkle to all three….I do like to sparkle!

The Rockateur & Dandelion blushers are said to give me the ‘Ballerina’ look with Rose Gold flush…either way I’m scared. I’ve yet to try them & not look like I’m part of ventriloquist act….I’ll take this moment to remind you I am in my early 30’s & still figuring this stuff out. The mascara that comes is mini They’re Real I’m used to wearing Hypnose. This is really black and does the job @ adding volume & length. But I find it quite heavy and clumping. By the end of the day, my eyes are tired and the weight of it really bothers me, meaning in the short of it I have panda eyes cos I scratch (feel free to judge me at this point).


Finally my most favourite item in the box, was the Bene Tint.  I feel like a deprived child for not knowing about this., I’ll be over here under my rock! Now I don’t like wearing lipsticks or glosses, never have. Either couldn’t find the right shade or too sticky! Yes the glosses were too sticky you see, this is perfect. Perfect shade for my pasty Irish cailín skin, stains the lips quite nicely & scrummy! Out of the whole kit I reckon I’ll purchase the Pore Professional & Bene Tint again.

Anywho again apologies for being a terrible blogger! I shall catch you next Monday, same bat time, same bat place! Thank you so much for reading & don’t forget to share. Head over to The Shuiligans to check out this weeks vlog!!


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