Gift Ideas for Five Year Old Girl

Hello gorgeous people…..
You’re looking well…..really you are! You’re doing better than I am, I’m almost human again! The flu virus that’s doing the rounds, lads its just mighty craic be warned. I had a smoothie yesterday, a smoothie I know-hold the phone! Its the first thing I’ve eaten in over a week! Anywho moving on….The Bear turned five this week so I thought I would share with you some great ideas of presents the little people that age ish.

Firstly I’m not massively into toys! Let me explain before I sound like the cruellest mother in the world! I value quality over quantity. And also I don’t want to spend the end of my day going room to room picking STUFF UP FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!! So the Mini Hooligans don’t really have a massive amount of toys never have, generally if they get too much I donate them straight away! So things you can’t go wrong with in my eyes are Crayola…. you can never have enough crayons and plank paper! I swear there is a hole somewhere in the house the Mini Shuiligans stash all the wax crayons, only to build a Crayola Monster! A Crayola, Hair Tie & Sock eating Monster, but that’s a story for another day!

I have no problem stumbling over books, lifting beds/couches to find that particular bedtime story, finding them in every room of the house! My favourite books when I was little person, were Spike Milligan & Roald Dahl, for the different characters and different voices-you have to do the voices!!! Two of my favourites little books are Fairy Tales for Angry Little Girls by Lela Lee this is 4th book in the Angry Little Girl series by New York author Lela Lee, who thanks her mother for making her an over educated counter girl working in her Dry Cleaners. Where her pent up frustration was used to first write and illustrate the Angry Little Girl series.  These are your Classic Stories but with a twist and gives the parents a proper giggle.  Meet Kim the little Asian girl staring in Snow Yellow and the 7 Short Men, or Maria the crazy Latina in He’s No Beauty in the Least all done in comic book style.  The second book is in the Russell Ince Collection, first the Secrets of Santa and now the girls favourite The Book of Secret Fairies. The Fairy Book is so beautifully written and illustrated, the text and phrase used! The paper its all for mythical and truly stunning book. Fairies World will only exist for brief few years with small people, at least with this you can hold onto the memories!


Board Games
Firstly because a world being run over by technology, that we make a point of playing games every Friday night…. the girls have never screamed and laughed so much! This year we’re really getting into them, as Bee is the age where she can listen to instruction! So from Santa we were lucky enough to get Pie Face its like the new family game by Hasbro that went viral couple of months ago its hilarious and will require showering after every game best twenty euro we’ve spent the girls are obsessed!  Feck it Its my first time playing Operation & Monopoly this year!!!! I’m going to start a Board Game Revolution

I don’t care how old you are…new pj’s and dressing gowns are awesome! My girls get them every Christmas and Birthday. They are both in the habit of coming home and jumping into their pj’s at four clock in the afternoon to ‘get cosy.’ I  love the Mark & Spencer jammies the quality is so fluffy and I love giving them as gifts for kids I know cos they generally come with a little teddy matching the pj’s! Lets be practical- kids get bored of toys before the batteries run out, but pj’s are necessity every night for at least a year!

Lush Gift Sets
And last gift….Growing up I was given gift sets by my Godmother and then I was buying gifts for my little god child and niece and I always got them Body Shop sets as that was as fancy as it came 15yrs ago! Nothing says a flash back to the 90’s like the smell of white musk…God we were slaves to the trend!!! Now we have the Lush phenomenon who I blame entirely on Youtube Creators for creating this demand for all things fizzy and smelling yummy. Must have help attribute to their 282 million turnover hence why they charge a hefty €5.85 for a bubble bath!

Anywho everybody thank you so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to come check us out over on The Shuiligans Youtube Channel & The Shuiligans Facebook Page


Catch you same bat time next week, same bat place!!!


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