My Tattoo Story

Good Morning gorgeous people of the interweb, how are we!!! Its been a ‘normal’ week finally woohooo And by normal I mean nobody has temperature, no sniffles or  no vomiting. The fecking sun is shinning, we escaped for few adventures to the beach, Fitzgerald park and visited family in Cul Aodha. And our Canadian Candy Swap hit over 7k views, well its close to 8k now and we broke the 1k subs on Youtube Channel…I had set 1k goal for 12mnths then we came in early. Now I subtly ask you to head over to The Shuiligans Channel for sneaky peek…..


But that’s not what this post is about as you can probably tell from the obvious title. I got my first tattoo when I was 15/16 maybe even 14 which is just a little too Irish, but I need to check with my mum. There is NOWAY I’d let the Mini Shuiligans get there’s that young and I think I’ve fuelled their love for them because I am constantly colouring in on them with temp tattoos. I think at the moment I have thirteen…is it bad I needed to check in the mirror and count these my poking myself. All but one of mine are hidden ‘because I don’t look like I’d have tattoos’….and again equally annoying!!!

I was pretty strong willed teenage and rebelled quite a bit against my mother more so than anybody else. Which was fecking delightful when I needed her to accompany me to the studio #karma I settled on a little devil on my back right hip NO I’M NOT A MAN UTD FAN…. If I had a euro every time people asked me that! It was more because my mother used the term ‘street angel house devil’ Surprisingly I don’t regret it, I think every tattoo defines a moment or where my head space was when I got it done!!! So the rebelling nature or little devil as my mother called it is reminds me how fractured my relationship was my mother. Then every year for next few years I got itchy fingers at the same time and had to get another, or get my tongue pierced which I did twice, that actually hurt more than the tattoos. Hang on lets address the standard question if it hurt?? No not after few mins you become numb to the needle, what’s even weirder is I hate watching other people getting needles stuck in them


K moving on next I got a scorpion on my other hip when my grandparents passed away because they thought me to have strong back and defend myself. A panther running up my back for when a relationship went bad that I will never let somebody knock me down so much that I cant climb back. I have Japanese  for Strength, Love and Faith on my ribs for when Naoise & I went through really rough patch back in 2008, literally we hit rock bottom #rehab and came back It was strength that kept us together, love that kept us alive and faith that we would never go back to rock bottom again!


Then I was bobbing along with no new fixes for couple of years til the Mini Shuiligans burst onto the scene, I waited til Queen Bee was born to starting thinking and designing my final tattoo…well so I thought but I do have itchy fingers again at the moment.  The cover photo of the Blog is what I settled on, its the international symbol for Mother/Daughter but it was important to work in something As Gaeilge so I have Iníonacha Grá which means Daughters Love. I think I’m done with my tattoos and piercings my now my think is I want to dye my hair pink…no word of a lie!!


Ok you gorgeous people I have to go collect the little people from school & pay some ridiculous bills cos  being a grown up sucks. I hope you have an amazing week, that’s my ramblings hope you enjoyed it. Don’t forget to head over to The Shuiligans Youtube Channel if you are that way enclined and remember catch you next week same Bat Time same Bat place.



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