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I can’t help but sing Katy Perry song lyrics….You’re gonna hear me rooooaaaarrrrr every time I think of the above store! Maybe that’s the mature responsible adult in me!!! Damn you Katy Perry…..This month or more to the point on 16th January, Cork got its lovely shinny second Tiger Store in Mahon Point Shopping Centre. Wait, hold the phone, back step it slightly, I knew Tiger were Dutch & started way back in 1995. That’s over 20 TWENTY years ago when denim jackets, crop tops and Buffalo boots were all in trend & our un-GHD hair #theshame #SpiceGirls #1995. Don’t lie if you’re old enough to remember Buffalo Boots I know you had a pair.


What I didn’t know was  that the lovely people over in Copenhagen, insist that everything is 50/50 when it comes to opening a franchise. So somebody local owns 50% ofTiger Stores. Tiger have quirky, stylish nic nacs for Home, Beauty, Office & Kids, designed by their own little Dutch team, so its constantly changing stock.


So their mission statements says nothing in the Store costs more than €30….mission accepted try & buy the most amount of things I don’t really need for €30. Now it did take 4 turns around the shop before I managed to stick to under €30. I am obsessed with Fairy Lights at the moment, course I am after all the Christmas Stock is sold out I’m the eejit looking for battery operated ones. I found them for €8 with ten lights with nifty little lampshades in different colours.

Then to keep the Mini Shuiligans entertained I promised them some Bath toys, cos they were too cute to pass up! Everyone needs a foam Bath Crown & Wand right for €4 each!? Or a little fishy/crab bath sponge dude for €2 #bargain And the girls got Bubbles aswell,  but two mins after opening them there was no bubbles, if you catch my drift! Mini flood in the hall #awesome Why clean the tiles with Flash when soapy Fairy Up liquid will just add the sticky effect to the tiles I’ve been yearning for.










Finally not to deny myself anything I did get a little Grass Man he was€2, who in 10-13 day will have the coolest looking grass hair, that I am quite excited bout trimming and styling. I did have a bonsai tree many moons ago, probably back when Buffalo Boot were still on trend and I found it quite therapeutic to trim the little tree. This guy is just so cool though, I think I’m going to adorn my windowsill with a little Grass Man family. I think I will call him Seamus & Seamus will be his name #NemoReference!! And in the beauty section I got  a mini facial exfoliating pad for €3, its quite rubbery in texture so takes a bit get used. And that’s is all…. total cost incl Bubbles €26.00



I’ll leave a link to the Vlog over on Youtube so you can see the store. In the meantime if you are new thank you so much for reading, don’t forget to check out our Youtube Channel. I’ll catch you next week. Same bat time, same bat place !



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