Operation SnowGirl

Operation SnowGirl & Angel

Fifteen sleeps until the Christmas School Concert & the letters were in the bag, the school bag so to speak. This year is my third School Concert surely I can handle the task at hand.

Bear had decided she wanted to be an Angel awesomely original, and Bee was to be a Snowman no wait a Snowgirl, go old Bee breaking from the norm! Yes, yes I could go to the high street and buy your general run of the mill ready made Angel and Snowman Costume at last minute dot com. Nope I’ll be over her working myself into a tizzy under some tinsel.



Day one Operation SnowGirl was a foot. Arriving at the Shopping Centre before it was even open, a new personal best for myself. Three shops, twenty minutes & €27 later I emerged with 1 set of fabulous Angel wings, 1 red very festive headband with little hat & 1 white sparkly tutu suited for a Hen Party I think but look we’ll make it work. Whilst also doing a recky for some kind of Angel ish dress.



Day two Operation SnowGirl take the Mini Hooligans to Mahon Point three weeks to Christmas on a rainy Thursday afternoon to ‘pass the time’ was genius Batman!!! Two hours later TWO people, we had one Angel ish dress courtesy of River Island, a white t-shirt from Zara and rose gold headbands we were going to try & pull off as a halo, Bear didn’t need much convincing they were sparkly enough. I must say finding a white dress in Ireland in the middle of Winter was a tall order but I was quite pleased to discover a lovely lace/cotton boho style dress in for €20…bargain couldn’t leave it there! Besides knowing the beach bum Bear is she’ll definitely get wear out of it the Summer totally practical!



Now we re 70% of the way there, tights for both girls. And to make black pom-poms buttons, plus some satin and elastic waistband stuff for SnowGirls tutu . Time to Youtube how to make pom poms…wish me luck! Where do you even go to buy wool these days!



Don’t forget to head over to The Shuiligans Channel to have a proper look at the haul. Catch ye next week same bat time same bat place!

Love yer bones


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