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If you were three and half years old where would you put a water bottle?! Simple question right! This is my third attempt at writing this, it had originally started as completely different post. But hair is tied up & sleeves rolled up…here we go! #ImeanBusiness

This story begins over 10 days ago, and centres around the joys of being a working mum, well part time working mum at least! What I find the hardest, is things like a missing water bottle.  Essentially things not where they are supposed to be.  I can juggle two Youtube Channels, filming and edit ten vlogs/videos in a four day period. A weekly blog post, networking for Youtube and coming home @ 10pm to do the lunch/dinner for the following day

Two weeks ago, Bee the three year old took her school water bottle to bed, this in itself was not common practice. She simply had a scratchy throat- as she puts it! But because it was Christmas time and work was mental, we failed to notice the water bottle vanished into Narnia. As the girls have been bounced from grandparent to between parents, that its only now, three days to school I’ve realised how much ‘stuff’ is missing, major communication breakdown!

Lets be clear its not left the house, but things aren’t were I keep them, where I’ve left them.  Now my down time is spent running in circles, screaming at himself and the kids, trying to locate clothes, shoes and toys. Not because small hands have been meddling, but more because of big people.

Like most families, we can’t afford Creche fee’s so its family members that are minding the Mini Shuiligans. But with that comes learning to bite my tongue. The art of taking a deep breath and counting to ten! Coming home from an 10.5hr shift to learn the person who’s minded our kids for the day has sat them in front of a tv, whilst she has been ‘cleaning’ or moving things!  It doesn’t bother me when there are spoons left on the draining board or water left in bottles/cups on the counter, this is so the Mini Shuiligans can reach for them with out asking. When my mother comes, everything is locked away up high, out of reach and then she gets annoyed with the Mini Shuiligans when they ask for water or spoons.

There has been one stand out issue in the last few weeks that our 5yr old has been the brunt of! Bear has her own Canon, that she uses to film & take photos of the floor ceiling, blinds or Bee! One evening I happened to over hear Bear playing back what she had recorded during the day. What I heard was my mother snarling at Bear for filming the blinds, telling her ‘to put it away I’m warning you’. Bear explaining she wanted to film/take photos. But my mothers response was again to snarl I don’t care what you want, you do as you are told!

Annnndddd breath!! My blood was boiling and hairs stood on the back of my neck. My mother is the definition of stubborn with a twist of OCD. I faced the brunt of her high standards growing up, and now it breaks my heart to hear her inflict the same tone with the girls.

Now my pickle is to I wage war and confront her, explain she really cant speak to the girls like that or bite my tongue! And my search for some leggings, a school tie and water bottle continues!

Thank you very much for reading, any advice would be welcomed. Don’t forget to head over to The Shuiligans for more madness. See you next week! Same bat time, same Bat place

Love yer bones


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