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Good morning gorgeous people of the tube land and interweb….

You’re looking swell so you are, must be that spring in your step or an ol dose of vitamin D one might even say!!! Its only Wednesday and I’ve already had a mental week, work will do that to you coupled with the Bear going into School the last four days & barely making it out with her head screwed on, I swear I’ve lost more hats, rings, hair bobbins and hoods YES HOODS off coats I mean really who’s going to benefit from a hood off a sailing jacket! But lets not dwell, I’ve screamed and thrown a wobbler tis all done now! Apologies with the lateness to the Blog like 48hrs late…. shocking carry on, sorry Sir lámh suas nobody to blame only myself!!!


Lets get this day started shall we…….*yawn*

6:35am Alarm 1 goes off at decibels only dogs can hear, I generally don’t even remember turning this one off, I should be using this time to check Youtube and Twitter activity over night and emails….NOPE & so it starts by battle with the pillow!

6:45 Alarm 2 goes off…this is the game changer I know if I don’t get up here then the Mini Shuiligans will be late and therefore we’ll be late leaving the house tis all my fault Me wired up in a tizzy at 7am is not pretty! Bear the 5yr old skips out of the bed on most days, whilst the Bee needs to be coursed out by chats of Unicorns and princesses, subtle negotiating on what ‘twirly dress’ she would like to wear!

6:50, 7:00 & 7:10 Alarms will continuously go off to make sure I’m keeping with in little deadlines I’ve set myself.
Generally by 7:15 everyone is showered, wee’s and clean teeth sitting on the floor of our room in their pjs, eating shreddies with warm milk/water whilst I dry my hair & slap my face on. I take 40mins to get ready & the girls half hour. I am a creature of habit DONT MESS WITH MY HABIT!!! Last 8yrs Naoise has been on nights we’ve had 3yrs of doing the school run on our tod so I have it down to a fine art 60mins BOOOM!

7:45 Sunglasses on because regardless of weather it hides a multiple of things, the lack of caffeine in my body, the exhaustion & I can people watch in the yard with out people knowing (don’t judge me everyone does it)  School lunches & Laptop case in tow and we are out the gap dot com, it takes us half hour to go 4.5miles Cue twenty minutes of playing in the yard before I lose all feeling in my fingers and toes.
9:00 Touchdown in Starbucks, comfy seat acquired nearest a socket Venti Vampire Frappuccino ordered, I use the next 2.5hrs before Bee finishes school to work on Youtube, Twitter, Blogs. Weather editing the previous days vlog, or writing a Blog post for the week I feel bringing my gear bag with me in the morning keeps me focused. I could easily come home after the School run but two things would happen either I’d end up cleaning or falling back asleep no shame in saying it!

12:00 Bee is freeeeeeee so time for usual Hot Chocolate or Smoothie, some days it could be us wandering around the Village nibbling on carrots like fecking Bunnies! Or a library adventure, she is our resident Alive in Wonderland she could get lost in books for hours #mygirl

1:00 Back to the school for the Bear, then generally days include either Grocery Shopping or Adventures. Today we head to Fota Garden the Sky is BLUE people actually BLUE! My favourite place to get lost for hours whilst we search not hunt for squirrels, duel in epic stick/sword battles, find the perfect tree to hide in when it starts to rain! To hear the squeal from both girls as they role, run up & down the garden is why I treasure being at home as often as I am!
6:00 times to feed the Shuiligans lately its been a lot of stews with dippy bread after working up an appetite on adventures.
7:00 Half hour of Netflix to get the Shuiiligans to settle then bed and three ish stories before eight bells!
8:00-1:00am I generally spend half watching Netflix whilst catching up on Youtube/Twitter friends.


And so tomorrow is a new day, new adventures! Thank you so much for reading hope you have a fantastic week. Here is the vlog with our adventures Don’t forget to check it out & hit subscribe. Catch you next week, same bat time & same bat place!

Love your bones


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