St Patricks Day Dinner & Desserts

Good morning gorgeous people of the tube land and interweb, how the feck are we!!! Are we all super excited for Paddys Day, not Pattys Day I will beat you with a dirty stick! This week on The Shuiligans we’ve read some Fairytales for Angry Little Girls, given myself a hard time for being unfit and eating junk & taken a wander around UCC! The sun is shining & my Youtube buddy Stephen Halbhuber Vlogs has come to stay! Go check out his channel share the love around.

As I sit here typing away, the oven is on full blast as we’ve been knocking out Baking & Cooking Vlogs all afternoon. So what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share what we’ve been up to…

Straight out of the bat was the kid friendly Paddys Day Krispies treats complete with Green Buttercream Icing, white mini mallows & sprinkle of gold dust & orange popping candy. Line a Muffin Tray with 12 cases aprx, 6 cups of Rice Krispies, 4 cps of Marshmallows, 2tblspoons melted every so delicately over a low heat for 3/4mins. Then mix into Krispies at ninja pace as the mallow stiffens really quickly. Once its mixed add them into little muffin cases usually makes about 12 if the Mini Shuiligans didn’t try to lick the spoons every two minutes.

We grew up making Rice Krispies with Choclate that usually takes an hr to harden, but the mallows are ready in less than ten minutes, giving the Mini Shuiligans enough time to wash their hands. We then mixed some Butter Cream icing with green food colouring, place a very delicate teaspoon on top of each cake, follow by 3 white mini marshmallows & a sprinkle of Orange and golden candy pieces…another ten minutes later the Mni Shuiligans were bouncing off the ceiling with our little Irish Flag Krispies but they were amazing!


Round two was an over 18 classic British dessert Bread & Butter Pudding but with an Irish twist the delectable Jameson Whiskey. We preheated the oven to gas mark 4, buttered about 8 slices of yesterdays white bread, 75g of raisins & 35cl of Strong Irish Whiskey Jameson, we made some beautiful custard with 300ml of double cream, 250ml milk, 3 eggs & 1 extra yolk & drop of vanilla essence brought to simmer very slowly, try whispering sweet nothings too it other wise we’d have scrambled eggs! Then layer the bread, sprinkle of currants/raisins & heavy dash of Whiskey, repeat the process until the dish is lined all the way around the edge. Lastly add the custard very slowly & make sure you’ve finished off the naggin of Whiskey (waist not want not) Into the oven for one hour and boom some vanilla ice cream thank you much.


Round 3 was Cork Boi Eggy Crowns, 12 muffin cases lined with puff pastry, preheat the oven gas mark 4. Then cook off 6 sausages, chop them into little pieces and add into the lined trays. Add in a mix of 2 eggs & 100ml of milk spread evenly over the little “muffins”. You could add in some Black Pudding and some chopped bacon and tomato. Then bake in the oven for 15mins. The Mini Shuiligans are taking them into school for the week, so good for snack or dinner!


Round 4 is a Paddys Day Bacon & Cabbage Irish Salad. Some Red & White Cabbage Coleslaw with Chili dressing from The Rocket Man. Cork Boi O’ Flynn sausages made with Murphys Stout, onions & thyme. If that wasn’t enough some O’ Flynns Dry Cure Rashers & Black Pudding, crumbled Cashel Blue Cheese & Toonsbridge Mozzarella  Cheese all gently mixed together in bed of rocket served warm, you could add in some new potatoes. The perfect 21st Century twist on Irish Bacon & Cabbage…what Jameson you say no Jameson  *hiccup*


I’ll leave the link to the vlogs and to Stephens Channel so make sure you go check them out! Thank you so much for watching I hope you have an amazing Paddys Day. Don’t forget to check out our The Shuiligans Channel for all the above & more. I shall catch you same bat time next week, same bat place

Love your bones


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