The Bears Birthday

Hello gorgeous people of the internet….. Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality!

Surely I’m not the only one who would love to go back 20 years & have all your birthday parties again. Knowing what you know now & having Pinterest helps of course!! Alice in Wonderland instantly transports me to my own little world, I’d get lost for days in the pages, if being a mom wasn’t a 24/7 gig! The Bear is to turn five in less than two weeks *tear* now I don’t reminisce about the baby years and time gone by yada, yada, yada. I’ve been lucky enough to be home with Bear & Bee since the day they were cooked. Bear & I are little soul buddies… I can’t wait to see where our Pirate & Fairy adventures take us, her fearless attitude when it comes to the Wild Atlantic, her gentle soul and loving nature. There is no greater feeling than, at my pit of the day getting a Bear hug, her arms wrapped tight around my waist. She & I are on the same wave length!

Now I am that kind of mother who unashamedly, uses this opportunity to throw the most imaginative of  parties, that I wish I could just throw for myself, cos Feck it its a Tuesday, nothing to do with a lost childhood!!! When your an Winter Birthday, your options generally mean Indoor Jungle PlayZone #germs & #junkfood type thingy or a tornado of kids running through your house! I think we’ll go with the latter! Not so much a tornado of kids, but as requested a Mad Hatters Tea Party! eeeeekkkkkkkkk
Food Glorious Foooooddddd

Now a Mad Hatters Tea Party in a 3 bed-semi has to have some restrictions, so we’ve narrowed it down from 30 to 10 little girls phew, cue the ear plugs! Now the fun starts, I’ve created a Board on Pinterest to keep track of everythinging my mind. The menu for the day is in keeping with a Tea Party-esque but child friendly.  Pink & white cake pops by Cupcakes by Katie, heart shaped Nutella sandwiches with sprinkles, Fairy popcorn drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkles, Mr Kiplings French Fancies, Pink Jelly with sparkles, pretzels with white chocolate and sprinkles & candy necklaces…. you can see the theme right! And Pink Lemonade & Strawberry Milkshakes …I’m a little excited


Everything must sparkle…
Standard ‘This Way, That Way, We’re All Bit Mad Here’ sign on entry which involves me treasure hunting through Salvage Yards on Thursday with my fellow pirate, a Queen of Hearts Wreath adorning the front door-I’ve never made a wreath, this should be interesting. Then a Hall of Cards  dangling from the ceiling, the perfect way to get rid of Christmas Cracker Cards lying around the house! The dining room is to be with be covered in fairy lights, well White Christmas Lights once I find my transformer ( I don’t mean Optimus Prime). Some over sized tea cups & Mary Poppins style white umbrellas from Home Front to hang from the ceiling filled with flowers, some quotes from the book in poster form & over sized tissue paper pop poms! I promise to restrain myself between now and the par-tay…. And ohhh disco ball & playlist so they can burn off all that pink sparkly energy, pin the tail on the Cheshire Cat , some colourful  Piñata so they can bate seven shades of sparkles out of it! See what I did there…#subtle

And that my beautiful people is Why a Raven is like a writing desk… Thank you so much for reading! Let me know some of your Birthday Party hacks if you have them! And don’t forget to check out The Shuiligans for some of this weeks madness/vlogs!

See you next week, same bat time and same bat place


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