First Impressions The Gym Kind!!!!

Hello gorgeous peoples….How the feck are we!!! Where have I been lads, well its like this I hit a wall. And then burned out, then got sick, we all got sick #mightycraic and then felt very sorry for myself Sooooooo I joined a Gym. As I sit here my legs burn and I’m struggling to tie my shoelaces, but lets back step it a second.

About three weeks ago I had a strong word with myself, I had debated joining the local gym Dennehy’s Douglas for ages, then they opened a new venue near where I work, so in theory yes IN THEORY people, I could go when the Mini Shuiligans were in school then go after work when I was on the other side of the city. The cost I was give two options €35 for standard membership for the gym & pay €7 a go for classes, then €50 for Platinum Membership (oooohhhh shinny) we’ll be having that thank you much. €50 a month would get me unlimited classes and the gym. Plus there was a snazzy App I got book the classes in every night but I had to be quick, classes in Douglas gym fill up so fast, generally I have to stay up til past midnight to guarantee space for the following week! Then the fear kicked in, the fear of walking into the gym by my ownself not having a clue what I’m doing and having an asthma attack in the corner curled up into a ball, rocking away for good measure. #sexymomma I might have over analyzed things!


Let me just explain briefly where the fear comes from, I grew up in team sports for years I do better with a push somebody YELLING at me, generally holding me accountable. I have never stepped onto Gym floor and twas like going for my first interview when I met the instructor. Basically end goal is lose weight mostly on top cos my legs are strong a six pack lads basically a six pack #realistic build on my cardio (keep it up & run 5k next year) and gain confidence in the gym whilst still getting my team kinda fix by going to the classes. So plan of action, is Finesse the womens only class for thirty minutes Monday-Friday, then hope there’s room in the 10–11am class (circuits/fat blast/spinningRX/Pilates/Zumba/Barbell Pump) The classes are fab the fact that they’re all women of mixed ages kinda helps. But I am occasionally peeking through the door to hear the instructor yell at other poor souls!
Then a lovely boy Sean, poor soul had the joy of giving me my personal workout plan and walking me around the gym. I have 2 different work out thingys each day has 7/8 different machine combos. I warm out on the bike 5-10mins, then tis all the shinny machines that luckily come with instructions and name tags. If it wasn’t for the name tags I’d kill someone there’d be weights flying all over the place. Sean the Gym Boy instructed I was finding the 18kg weights to easy, so 25kg is my starting weight for all the machines and learning to control my breathing is always a handy trick.

So three weeks how am I doing you ask, even when the kids were on Mid Term I’d head down to Gym for 8:45/9am, pray that its quite so I don’t make a Holy Show of myself, do my warm up on the bike and do 6 of the machines, head to my class, generally I come out soaked to the skin but wobble up the stairs to do my last two machines and five more mins on the bike! In the class we’ll generally have done kettle bell, dumb bells, jumping jacks and lunges so I’ve got all them covered.

Do I know how much I weighed 1st day….Nope but I know I want to work out at least 30mins-1hr 5 days a week incl a class. I’ll weigh myself in 8 weeks but I’d love to hit around 65/70kg eventually.

Do I know how much weight I’ve lost….Nope but i feel tighter jeans fit better & I’ve a little booty! Squats are awesome

Do I diet….Nope my diet is fairly strict cos  of Colitis but I have stopped eating the late night snacks and trying to stick to seeds or something!

Right lads that’s todays Blog Post, head over to The Shuiligans Youtube Channel for more madness. We shall catch you tomorrow for another Post, I’m going to try knock extra Posts out this week.

Catch you tomorrow same bat place, same bat time! Love your bones



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