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Hello gorgeous peoples of the tube land and interweb…..How are we, long time no see! Well in case you missed me for two weeks then you get double whammy in 24hrs but its worth it, wait til you see all things yummy I have been up too. Well not just me I did bring the other half, we did in fact leave the house last week on a rare occurrence. The day we were both off first time in long time, tis a thing only Fairy tales have spoken of….our second day date in 5yrs! Have kids they said, it’ll be fun they said!!!!!!

Back story my dads good friends when I was growing up, was Jim & Ann, who over the years I have become very close with.  (they’re more Auntie & Uncle). Their son Mark all 6ft 2 of him is Executive Chef in The Pepperstack Bistro  previously under the name Rosie’s in Lower Aghada. He has been tempting us down with his food porn for many a year, posting on Facebook I’d be drooling over the photos.

Blog Dinner 1

They are a Bar & Bistro located along side the Aghada Pier on good day tis pure bliss to sit outside and people watch whilst enjoying the kitchens masterpieces. They have set menus but tis the massive Specials Board that you can’t miss & to be fair you would be foolish if you didn’t take a gander over it and order one of their Pepperstack culinary twists. The Bistro is over two floors & I’m guessing seats about 40 people. So on a Sunday afternoon we took our seats, tucked in beside the toasty fire & drooled over the Menu & Specials, I was easily distracted as you could watch the masters at work with a window into the kitchen, cant beat ignoring himself while watching the chefs fiddle away.


Up first was my Mille Feuille a selection of fresh seafood in parsley & butter sauce with puff pastry. It was absolutely breath taking, the sauce was so delicate and the pastry & seafood perfectly. Himself got the Mushroom Soup (so adventurous) But it was scrummy, I do love cold mushroom soup but that’s a story for another day! Then Mains they had a trio of fish in home made crust which almost tempted me but I got the Surf (3 prawns in batter) & (6oz sirloin) Turf with salad. And to be fair I wish I’d got himself’s main, he got the delicate yet massive seared tuna steak rare with poppy seed crust and balsamic vinegar and a delicious fresh almost Asian salad so crunchy and the dressing was AMAZING!!!! I’m not even going to pretend that I didn’t rob half his dinner, my steak was cooked to medium and was gorgeous but husbands was almost worth selling the children for & sure look it, he’d never have finished it all anyway. It was such a unusual combo, between that and the Mille Feuille my little taste buds were going mental!

Dinner Blog 2

There was a lovely break in between courses which I always like. My mum is in hospitality so I have grown up in more than my fair share of Hotels and restaurants. For Desserts (lads there was barely any room) but it would be rude to say no!!!!! I had the Vanilla Cheesecake twas amazing the Vanilla and cheese part the texture & flavour even the colour of it was so Vanilla ish, I did find the biscuit a little too thick I should note even when I used a knife & fork to break it I send pieces flying to the other table! But husbands Tuscan Orange Cake was warm and melted in my mouth & we did end up fighting over it, seeing who could finish it faster! So 60mins, 3 courses later with 2 soft drinks it was €73 which was well worth it for the two amazing starters and mains. I cant wait to go back & pick off the Specials Board again, I raved so much the parents went down this week & were equally blown away!


Don’t forget to head over to The Shuilligans our Youtube Channel to see the vlogs from this week! Catch you same bat time, same bat place!

Love your bones


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