Things that make me happy…….

Hello gorgeous people of the interweb…… Happy Valentines Day to you lovely people! If you’re looking for soppy Valentines Ideas for the kids or loved ones, I’ll stop you here! Not the post for you…. firstly cos that I’m not that rosemantic and secondly cos I don’t have the time (the joys of working moms)


Anywho recently I did 32 random things about me and loved it so there I was thinking 32 things that made me happy would be a great blog…but its so fecking hard to think of 32 things! I would be a terrible mother if I didn’t include the Mini Hooligans……But before the kids were born it was a much simpler life things like beaches @ three clock in the morning hearing each wave break off the rocks, going out for a gig, ending up at the beach until the sun came up whilst listening to one of my friends serenade us as we chilled around a little fire. I don’t drink, haven’t for long time and I’m grateful I don’t because I can remember those days/nights with out the hangover. Standing in the stadium either Musgrave or Thomand listening to the roar of the red army singing the Fields of Athenry #tear


When I was a little person, well I’m still only 5ft 6″ so technically I’m still little. Growing up things that made me happy were pens and fancy paper, I was forever writing some play, some story and simply putting my imagination on paper. Any pocket money I got or presents generally had to include note papers and new gel pens. Hands down the best present I got growing up was a type writer it was grey/red, the sound of each letter, the ding of the bell…type writers need to be a thing again! #dontjudgeme


Now that I is all grown up…blah blah blah! Things that make me happy do include the kids and Naoise 100% of the time, I’ll make no apologies for that. Naoise and I don’t have your ‘typical’ relationship hold hands all rose mantic, we have being pushed time and time again & bounced back from rock bottom, that’s why we are together cos our relationship was so fractured at one point we weren’t sure both of us wold survive. But that’s another Blog for another day.


Now that the Mini Hooligans are here, it is still the beach but seeing their faces & hearing the squeal as they go mental chasing the waves. Still gigs but more child friendly ones which generally include Panto and some Festival as Gailege, Naoise is from the heart of the Gaeltacht so keeping their heritage alive is crucial. Even in when I’m shattered with the lack of sleep and its freezing cold Winters Day going on random fairy adventures in muddy puddles, with the girls is a must, weather rainy or not, heading out to Farran Woods or our local woods here in Douglas. Lying in bed listening to the girls have random chats early in the morning, Bee’s imagination makes me smile! Bears constant affections are so endearing, she has such a kind gentle nature. Randomly goes around hugging people, I already know she will have her heart broken in ten years time but not our little Bee- she is a proper ball buster. Seeing the girls at the end of a back breaking day at work and they are ecstatic to hug and kiss me, instantly every grumpy customer I had during the day is a distant memory.


Right lads that is it for today tis a bit random, but they are things that make happy!!! Not 32 but feck it…… Hope everybody has great week. Don’t forget to come over and check out our Youtube Channel. I shall catch you same bat time & same bat place next week

Love your bones





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