Winter Favourites

Hello Gorgeous People of the Tube Land

Now I love watching the ol Monthly Favourites as much as the next girl, don’t get me wrong. But the standard ‘monthly favourites’ seem to follow strict ‘blogger/vlogger’ code, using words such as Haul, Pennys/Primark, HighStreet, newest trending eye shadow palette  & Yankee Candle fragrance of some sort. blah blah blah! Not this one…not this Monthly Favourites!


Mini Shuiligans have been lucky enough to meet their Doctor/GP once or twice in their ickle life span, luckily both times was for ‘Viral Infection’ no further treatment necessary…so far the going is good! And I want to keep it that way aslong as possible. My Winter Favourites are my go to things, that I go to buy every August to survive the Playground minefield of an Irish Winter, than generally incudes all four Seasons in one day! Nothing quite like leaving the house in the morning wearing sunglasses & 5hrs later coming home with wellies and mittens.


My survival kit of 5 products that are all bought in either Health Store & Pharmacy. I will confess, I did take heed to my own mother on two of the products #stubborn #strongwilled. First Neem Cream, I started using it right after Bear was born, almost five years ago eeeekkkk! Not to go into too much detail but Bear was so keen to arrive & fast, she caused a 3rd degree tear which needed massive healing power  55 stitches later Neem Cream speeded up the healing. Ever since its been Nappy Cream, & because Mini Shuiligans love to climb trees and tumble on daily basis this get rid of all ‘evidence’. And even now in my early 30’s, who doesn’t love an random/junk food break out to remind you that you’re still a teenager, its the most effective spot getter rid of money can buy, beats any high end or high street equivalent. You will note from the ever so slightly battered product it is well used…well worn I tell you!!!


Then this year I bought my first little medicine combo of Vicks Vapour Rub & Olbas Oil for the mini Shuiligans, starting Primary School will do that to you. I was gifted a dehumidifier and thermometer many moons ago…hands down the best baby presents I got! Now I use a dehumidifier any time the Mini Shuiligans get a tickle in their throat. With the bad  weather meaning we’re in/out of Shopping Centres & cars that’s our daily dose of air con, thank you much. The dry air tends to lead to constant tickly throats, which are ever so slightly irritating every half hour ALLLLLLLL through the night, in a nice way. Who doesn’t love a stumble across the landing to play night nurse 20 times a night!!! So I’ve learned adding  the Olbas Oil into the water & the Vicks to the soles of their feet with some chunky socks, guaranteed my two not to rub either one and get it in their eyes…. my biggest fear!


Next its not your standard market leader, with the lovely & warm, pull on the heart string campaigns. Its Teedex, which I’ve never seen advertised once. But its what the Mini Shuiligans get since they were two years old, if they are slightly radioactive, because trying to teach a 3 & 4yr old to blow their nose a hundred times a day gets exhausting its easier to get them the antihistamine that drys up a nasal drip, which means the radioactive  snot does not go into the throat or chest BOOM….hence why they’ve never been to the doctor. My bible go to medicine solves all problems in three days!


And finally Manuka Honey 400+ that comes in at a whopping € 75.99….yes yes I know its an absurd amount to pay for Honey but hear me out! So my rationalising it is a doctors visit can set you back €60 then couple in some antibiotics/steroids ect its going to break even right??? The reason for the insane money, is because its the only the 400+ Manuka is the only one that has the properties to kill off any bacterial infections. Wether than be in your throat, a mouth ulcer, heart burn ect, having Colitis I tend to suffer from all the above during a flare up and this stuff its amazing I love it. And that’s that lads, isn’t that more ‘fun’ than reading about some make up or clothes you cant afford, buy hey look it, tis what my world revolves around at the moment. Making damn sure the Mini Shuiligans stay as well wide of the Doctors quite the opposite of me!!! This lovely Winter Favourite Haul is what works for me….it might not work for anybody else so make sure you take what I say with a pinch of salt!



Anywho thank you very much for watching, don’t forget to head over to the Channel & catch the vlog to along with the post. Thank you very much for reading, hope everyone has an amazing Christmas! I shall catch up with you next week after the madness.


Love yer bones




PS I would be shot if I didn’t include a mention or photo of himself turning 38!!! Happiness is cake xx




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